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When ‘functionally insane’ seems normal, time to worry

Every now and again I try to take a couple of hours out of life in La La Land (or was it Namaland?) to check in on the state of the real world. You know the one, it sustains all … Continue reading

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John Tyndall – Ireland’s Greatest Climate Scientist

Science in 1861 was very different to now, and entire fields of study and concepts that are now taken for granted – quantum physics, the theory of relativity, continental drift, the big bang, DNA, the uncertainty principle, black holes, an … Continue reading

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Transforming the system: Is eco-innovation enough?

The challenge of the 21st century is to align our political, economic, social and technological systems with the science of sustainability and the reality of resource limits, while maintaining wellbeing for citizens. In 2011, we are facing the decade of … Continue reading

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Restructure debt, and phase out compound interest thats what our environmental and financial crises tell us

Agree or disagree with him, Morgan Kelly’s analysis in the Irish Times last week is a must read. Closing Ireland’s €20 billion deficit by €6 billion in 2011 spending is all fine and well, but it won’t do enough to stave off … Continue reading

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The economics of climate change: discounting the future, ignoring the poor?

Economists looking at climate change face a difficult task, with uncertain climate models, chaotic climate systems and possible catastrophic threshold effects. Often, when looking at the impacts of climate change different mitigation/adaptation options and emission scenarios will be looked at, … Continue reading

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EU “may adapt” 10% biofuel target

The scientific perspective could “kill biofuels” – that’s what the head of the EU’s agriculture unit said to colleagues in response to data showing the global ramifications of dedicating land in Europe to biofuels. The new Commissioner has said “if … Continue reading

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Sunday Times shows its hand. Again.

Last April, I gave a lecture to the Met Society of Ireland in Glasnevin. A Sunday Times reporter was in the audience, though she did not make herself known to me, ask any questions or attempt to speak to me … Continue reading

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Notes from a conference: ‘The need for road research’

There was a seminar yesterday morning jointly organised by TCD + UCD titled “The need for road research”, and held in Foster Place. Overall, it was biased in favour of transport by private vehicle with insufficient recognition of the capability … Continue reading

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Decreasing carbon emissions without affecting the quality of life

There are a couple of simple ideas, which if implemented could make deep and long term cuts in our carbon emissions, while maintaining (or even increasing) the quality of life for all. In no particular order, they are: 1. Immediately … Continue reading

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Permafrost retreats further north

Buried in the ‘Weather Eye’ page of our paper of record again… Climate change forcing frozen soil retreat Mon, Feb 22, 2010 THE PERMANENTLY frozen ground known as permafrost is retreating northward in the area around Canada’s James Bay, a … Continue reading

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Now there’s an App to zap the sceptics

The always useful site Skeptical Science, with its handy list of the most common arguments used by climate change sceptics and detailed rebuttals of them, is now available as an iPhone app. So next time a discussion occurs and one of … Continue reading

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Plimer vs Monbiot

From the website of Australian TV network ABC. Click here to view the debate. Transcript TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Here is some background notes to tonight’s debate. When Professor Ian Plimer’s outright denial of man-made global warming was championed in the … Continue reading

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Copenhagen a new framework for climate chaos?

The original intention of Conference of Parties (COP) 15 in Copenhagen was to complete negotiations on a new international agreement on climate change to come into force before 2012. What emerged was a slim three page Copenhagen Accord with a … Continue reading

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15 Reasons to be (Mildly) Optimistic about COP15

As the Copenhagen conference progresses, I thought it might be worthwhile to take a brief look what’s the various different countries have offered, and reasons why there is some room for optimism about a decent deal being done… 1. The … Continue reading

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To the last drop?

Take a minute or two to study the chart below. It is just issued by the International Energy Agency, an industry-centric organisation not prone to engaging in eco-alarmism. But this is alarming, truly shocking in fact. The dark blue chart … Continue reading

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