Now there’s an App to zap the sceptics

The always useful site Skeptical Science, with its handy list of the most common arguments used by climate change sceptics and detailed rebuttals of them, is now available as an iPhone app.

So next time a discussion occurs and one of the old reliable arguments like ‘it’s the sun’ is trotted out, this app will give you the information needed to rebut the argument, and also allow you to report the arguments used, so can maintain an up-to-date list of the most common arguments being used by sceptics.

The highly regarded site is operated as a pro bono public information service by Australian physicist, John Cook.

The handy iPhone widget is available for free from the App Store or

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2 Responses to Now there’s an App to zap the sceptics

  1. Coilin MacLochlainn says:

    Useful site, that. Now that John isn’t writing his Irish Times column, new sources of info must be consulted (besides this blogsite).

    I just learnt of Orion magazine website, which covers a wide range of issues. How did I hear of it? Ironically, now that the IT has either lost or cut loose its climate change columnist (which is shortsighted, as the problem is not going to go away), the paper’s Irish language columnist Gabriel Rosenstock has decided to keep the issue alive, well, the corporate plutocracy and its contribution to the problem anyway. He discusses [Wed 17th Feb] an Orion piece by Derrek Jensen, which can be listened to (in English, obviously) at:

    Have to say I was impressed by Rosenstock’s ability to write in Irish on this topic without using any makey-up words. He is a leading contemporary writer in Irish, or perhaps that should be ‘the’. Hope he returns to the theme.

  2. John Gibbons says:

    Very useful widget indeed. Now If only Apple would port a Taser to the iPhone, which I see running in conjunction with the Skeptical Science App, so that it could detect denialist bullshit and deliver a powerful non-lethal shock to the bullshitter in question. I for one would be prepared to beta test this imaginary device on Phelim “Mad Dog” McAleer, a towering right wing mockumentary maker who was intellectually separated at birth from Sarah Palin.

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