OMG, what if the deniers are actually right?

Fat chance, of course, that the climate change deniers/liars from the assorted propaganda factories will, in the end, miraculously turn out to know more about climate science than, well, all of climate science. But hey, when we’re told that natural disasters like flooding can “boost the economy” (wow, lucky old Haiti, then?) we have to admit that anything is, in theory at least, possible.

In that spirit, here’s a cartoon of the nightmare scenario that might unfold should the whole thing turn out to be, speak it softly, a big ol’ h-o-a-x…..

big hoax cartoon

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5 Responses to OMG, what if the deniers are actually right?

  1. denis says:

    Even if the deniers are right, the real problem still remains—-how do we manage to decouple our economies from using fossil fuels, as this source of energy and feedstocks is going to run out—- some fuels sooner, some later, hopefully before the world`s climate has been permanently damaged.
    I do not believe that man will ever be capable of giving up fossil fuel voluntarily, for to do so would codemn him [and her] to economic ruin and starvation, in the type of competitive and growth oriented economies that most developed countries live under.
    Naturally induced shortages, may bring out a more co-operative way of life, but only under a much more centrally controlled type of government.
    Even with our banjaxed economy, these are halcyon days, compared to what the future may hold.
    Haiti, could well be a glimpse of what awaits us all in the future, if we do not give great thought as to how we are going to manage to live without fossil fuels.
    Unlike poor Haiti, there will be no USA to bail us out, for it will be the first country to collapse.

  2. Billy says:

    @ Denis

    deniers, apostles, who cares really what you call people on either sides of this issue. There’s a trillion tons of pain already in the pipeline, and it’s heading our way, fast.

    Haiti is going to feel like the good old days when this all finally squirts out the end of that same pipe, and honestly, we know it’s coming, if you listen carefully you can already hear the gurgling in the works. You can argue till we’re all black and blue about what rate this glacier is receding, or this species is going extinct, but it all comes back to the same thing. We’re running out of road.

    The new version of optimism is the belief that we as individuals won’t be around to personally witness all this; isn’t that a bit like pulling the pin out of the grenade, then calmly walking out of our kids’ room, to make sure we’re just out of range as they are blown to pieces?

    Sorry for the grizzly analogy, but that’s what this all feels like to me. And no, it doesn’t feel good at all.

  3. EWI says:

    Hmm, believe Dr Pachauri (an eminent international figure who has won a Nobel Prize) or Monckton (a liar who fraudulently claims to have won a Nobel, and whom even the Spectator has described as a “swivel-eyed maniac”)?

    Tough decision.

  4. Cormac says:

    great cartoon, may I borrow it?

  5. John Gibbons says:


    Can’t say that definitively, my reading is that “fair usage”, ie. for academic or (in the case of this blog, strictly non-profit) purposes usually covers these. People usually only get uptight at attempts to re-sell or otherwise profit from cartoons or imagery.

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