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There’s no climate show like a Joe Show

Whatever it may or may not have achieved politically, US president Joe Biden clearly hugely enjoyed his trip to Ireland in April. Though not a political groupie, I still found myself on the road to Westport to attend the last … Continue reading

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15 Reasons to be (Mildly) Optimistic about COP15

As the Copenhagen conference progresses, I thought it might be worthwhile to take a brief look what’s the various different countries have offered, and reasons why there is some room for optimism about a decent deal being done… 1. The … Continue reading

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There (still) is no plan B

One of my earliest posts on this blog, on December 12, 2007, was headed ‘There is no Plan B‘. The headline was taken from a quote from the then new Australian PM, Kevin Rudd to delegates at the UN climate … Continue reading

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The new order begins

Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address today at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC took just over 20 minutes to deliver, and runs to 2,400 words. As you would expect from one of the greatest political orators in a generation, he delivered a … Continue reading

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A night to remember

The last 24 hours has passed by in a blur, punctuated by less than 3 hours’ sleep. It was 6am today before we could drag ourselves away from TV screens and assorted laptops, to drift off, still smiling, into a … Continue reading

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The waiting is very nearly over…

OCD is the term that could be used to describe a new political creature, the Obsessive Compulsive Democrat. As we now enter the last day before what has perhaps been the world’s longest (and certainly most expensive) election campaign, OCD … Continue reading

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Hillary shows her true colours on climate

America, in the words of its own president and close compadre of the oil industry, George W. Bush, is “addicted to oil”. Tackling this addiction and turning the country away from its grossly unsustainable frenzy of consumption is essential if … Continue reading

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