Ireland’s first Carbon Budget

Later today, Environment Minister John Gormley will present Ireland’s first ever ‘carbon budget’ to the Dáil. Whatever about its practical effect in the short term, this is a highly symbolic move.

Remember, a few short months ago, one Dick Roche held this ministry, and any hope of climate change and sustainability being at the heart of a FF-led government policy seemed too outlandish to be even worth talking about. Times have moved on.

A vox pop on RTE’s Morning Ireland today showed, however, that for the man in the street, carbon is something that makes the bubbles in your Sodastream. There’s huge work to be done, but as has been said, every journey begins with a single step.

From our climate (and our children’s) standpoint, let’s be thankful that at least the issue is finally on the table, and the serious work can now begin in earnest.

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