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An image snapped on a wall earlier today in Dun Laoghaire… First posting shot on and uploaded direct from my iPhone! Well, television ain’t all bad. Take last night’s Prime Time Special on the murky world of Declan Ganley, lately of Libertas, but a man of many parts. Katie Hannon’s report was public service journalism of the highest order. Since Mr Ganley and his shadowy organisation have been so circumspect about putting information into the public domain as to their sources of funding, it’s about time someone set about filling in a lot of the missing details.

Ganley will doubtless feel it’s all a campaign by nameless Brussels types out to blacken him and his organisation, in fact given the level of influence Ganley has exerted on both Irish and EU politics, we have every good reason to want to have a forensic analysis of the man, his money and his mission.

Well done to all in Primetime (and yes, this makes up for having Phelim McAleer rabbiting on the other night).

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  1. You can’t have been watching the same programme if you thought it was “public service journalism of the highest order”. As for “forensic analysis of the man”, I think I know a forensic analysis when I see it. This wasn’t one.

    (more on my own site)

  2. Kevin says:

    How Ganly could possibly think some “nameless Brussels types” were “out to blacken him and his organisation” borders on the ridiculous. If he views a replay of the programme himself he could only consider his own character, based on the interviews he gave, at best being described as shadowey and evasive and at worst bordering on near subversive . Pity the poor Albanians who were creamed of their savings.
    An excellent piece of television.

  3. John Gibbons says:

    “I think I know a forensic analysis when I see it”. Hmmm Fergus, I think I can spot a self-promoting leagle eagle (, no less) with interesting political leanings when I see one!

    Will have to side with Kevin on this one. Now that Mr Ganley is about to fill the democratic vacuum he so cunningly exploited with an actual political party, things should start getting a whole lot more interesting. Any party that can marry a crackpot from the left like Patricia McKenna with a loon from the right like Vaclav Klaus, sprinkled with a dash of nut-job Tory MPs and assorted ne-er-do-wells from across the European political spectrum needs to be watched with great care.

    History tells us that fascism in the late 20s and into the 1930s often started out with a similar rabble of opportunists with little in common, but its various demagogues effectively tapped into public malaise with ‘conventional’ politics arising from hard times and presto, the Blueshirts here in Ireland, the Blackshirts in Britain and a great deal worse further afield.

    Truly hard times may well be around the corner, and that’s what’s so worrying about fringe outfits like Libertas.

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