‘Santa’ Klaus the climate sceptic

Ho ho ho. Vaclav Klaus thinks that the movement to prevent global warming is in fact a new ideology that threatens to undermine freedom and the world’s social and economic order. Klaus feels so strongly about this that he has written a book, ‘Blue Planet in Green Chains’ (yes, seriously).

“Freedom is under threat”, Vaclav solemnly declared yesterday. Also under threat, he says, is contemporary civilisation, the prosperity of developed countries and “the chances of developing countries achieving a similar level of prosperity”.

All this threat, let’s recap, is not due to runaway global warming and the social and economic collapse it guarantees, no indeed, the real enemies are those dangerous green types who are warning us about the crisis! Mr Klaus is, you’ll have correctly worked out, not a scientist, instead he is an economist by training and a politician by trade.

Not your run of the mill county councillor, mind you. Vaclav is President (and former prime minister) of the Czech Republic, one of our new EU colleagues, no less. To hear this antediluvian drivel being peddled by US neocons is depressing enough, but it’s truly shocking that these are the publicly expressed views of a present-day EU head of state.

I for one just don’t believe in ‘Santa’ Klaus.

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