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Robert (Bob) Hernan is the man behind, an online resource for all things in the environment and ecology field on the island of Ireland. Bob was formerly Assistant Attorney General in the Environmental Protection Bureau, and his professional scalps include successfully litigating over $100 million in damages against a single corporate polluter. He is, you might say, one tough cookie.

Ireland’s answer to Erin Brockovich divides his time between the contrasting settings of rural Donegal and downtown Manhattan. He is also author of ‘This Borrowed Earth: Lessons from the 15 Worst Environmental Disasters Around the World’.

Bob has conducted Laoghaire recently to record an interview about climate change and wider environmental topics (including communications) and how they are playing out in Ireland (see interview below).

He gave a particular focus to some fairly trenchant criticisms on my part about the failure of the media, both print and broadcast, to fulfil what I believe is their key duty to inform and prepare the public for a world dominated by climate disruption, chaotic weather events and deepening energy and economic crises.

That’s a lot of ground to cover, and since the total edited clip only runs to a little over 13 minutes, there isn’t scope to have gone in too deep on any of them. On the upside, since brevity is the soul of wit, best be brief…

ThinkOrSwim is a blog by journalist John Gibbons focusing on the inter-related crises involving climate change, sustainability, resource depletion, energy and biodiversity loss
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  2. John Mashey says:

    (off-topic, post since no email handy, delete):
    If I recall aright, Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney are Irish, although I’m not sure where they live these days.If they are still over there, you might be interested to note that:

    a) They are both Heartland Experts who spoke/Attended Heartland’s ICCC-1 in 2008, so they’d know the Heartland folks, like Joe Bast.

    b) Heartland has had an intereting time of late, i.e., BillboardGate.

    c) Although they have a been losing funders, they are standing firm.  Not all of its experts are: Benny Peiser got himself delisted within a day.  Anyway, one wonders what McAleer and McElhinney think, if they are still there?


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